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Orthodontic treatment is a specialist field that relates specifically to straightening crooked teeth, reducing overcrowding and correcting the alignment of the upper and lower teeth.

OrthodonticsThe need for Orthodontic treatment often arises in children as they start to lose their milk or deciduous teeth and gain their permanent teeth. Sometimes, as the second teeth erupt, overcrowding can occur which can in turn lead to the teeth forming an uneven and crooked line as they squeeze into the available space in the mouth.

Orthodontic treatment involves the fixing of precisely made brackets and wires that correct the alignment of teeth. The teeth are gently corrected and guided into the correct position by pressure and tension exerted over a long period of time.

Orthodontics can also be used to correct more complex problems associated with the formation of the jaw, which can sometimes cause a large overjet of the upper teeth. Growth modification can be encouraged in these cases with an Orthodontic appliance.

Adults may also be treated by the Orthodontic Specialist to correct crooked, misaligned teeth or unsightly gaps. Many adults are now opting for an innovative method of Orthodontic treatment, and receive treatment with Invisalign. The brackets are precision made using the latest cadcam technology and provide patients with a number of clear brackets that fit over the teeth, providing the necessary gentle force to correct but without the inconvenience and embarrassment of the conventional metal brackets and wires.