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Specialist Dentistry Guide

What can  Advanced Dentistry do for me?

Specialists are experts in their field, having spent many years in post-graduate study to gain additional qualifications over and above their General Dental degree. They can use the title Specialist only once the General Dental Council has listed them on the Specialist Register and this only occurs when their credentials and post-graduate qualifications have been stringently checked and approved.  

However many General Dental Practitioners undergo further postgraduate  training in line with General Dental Council recommendations and guidelines which give them the skill and experience to offer similar services such as orthodontic, cosmetic and implant dentistry

Dentists who are  trained   in this way carry out treatment for patients who require a level of skill and experience that exceeds that of the average  General Dental Practitioners. This treatment may take the form of a complex root canal treatment, or your dentist may have diagnosed gum disease that requires the expertise of a Periodontist. They can also assist with impacted wisdom teeth. Dentists  with extra experience will also be able to treat patients for  orthodontic treatment to straighten crooked teeth and correct bite.

Your General Dental Practitioner should also check the lining of your mouth, tongue and lymph nodes during your routine examinations to screen you for oral cancer. Any persistent ulcers or coloured lumps or patches inside your mouth may be an indication that an examination by a Specialist in Oral Medicine is required.