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Cosmetic dental treatment price guide

Prices From £
In surgery tooth whitening 400
Home tooth lightening 280
White fillings from
White porcelain inlays 280
Porcelain  veneers 280
Bonded porcelain crowns 280
Lava crowns 500
Bonded Bridgework per abutment 280
Bonded Bridgework per pontic 110
Implant replacing one tooth 1400
One implant to replace 2 teeth 2000
Two Implants  carrying 3 tooth bridge 2600
Four upper implants with full over denture 3700
Two lower implants with full over denture 2900
Six implants in either jaw to restore full arch (12 teeth) 7400
Bone graft/ augmentation 250
Periodontal bone replacement 300


For other items which may benefit your dental appearance and well being, please talk with your dentist who will be pleased to discuss any aspect of treatment costing with you.